This unique corset was inspired by the original oil painting Northrup Ice, by abstract expressionist artist, Robb Kramer.

Intricate pieces of leather, stitched together and hand painted (outer)
100 % silk Dupioni (lining)

Individually handcrafted metal buttons and ornaments by jewelry designer Keith McQueen
Spiral steel boning
Metal aglets on laces
waist 27"-31"

This is a one of a kind garment created for MYTHAUS, an ongoing collaboration between designer Paloma Soledad and fine artist Robb Kramer. By combining Kramer’s abstract expressionist techniques and Soledad’s elegant sensibility, these limited edition garments are truly a union of art and fashion.

Care and storage:
Do not dry clean. Spot clean if necessary.
If not stored on a mannequin, simply hang skirt on clip hanger or put corset in padded container.
Corset wearing and storage instructions:
- All corsets have ¼” spiral steel boning, for maximum comfort and movement. These corsets are intended for fashion only and not to be used for waist training.
- Always loosen laces before putting on and taking off corset.
- Start tightening laces by evenly pulling the excess, then working your way towards hanging laces from the opposite end.
- When undressing: loosen the laces at the back as much as needed, before slipping over your head.
- After wearing, let the corset air out overnight, exposing the lining.