Growing up in Hawaii, I was introduced to a playground of natural wonders that shaped my design aesthetics and instilled a deep respect for the limited resources of this planet. To this day, the cornerstone of my brand is slow luxury, which favors craftsmanship and elegance over fast fashions race to the next trend. I create essential statement-pieces that transcend seasons, enhancing your wardrobe throughout the year. Incorporating my love of antiques directly into the process, I use discarded and forgotten treasures to produce flattering, functional and ethical designs. Each one of a kind garment combines handmade early 20th Century crochet, paired with rescued designer fabrics deemed too small for mass production. I take these orphaned leftovers, with their unique colors and textures and using couture sewing methods, join them with gently hand-dyed crochet, creating luscious textile fusions. Entirely made in New York, I personally finish each item by hand. This new collection honors the women of yesteryear who lovingly crafted forgotten works of art, now reborn as timeless apparel.

Paloma Soledad Brand Background:
Paloma earned her BFA at the California Institute of the arts in Photography. She has designed for feature films such as “Coraline” and “Cabin Fever”. Miss Soledad was awarded “Best Emerging Designer” with her first collection at Portland Fashion Week, which appeared in SPIN Magazine. She was later named one of Entertainment Weekly’s “Eight Costume Designers turned Fashion Headliner”.

After moving to New York City, she expanded her corset line to include one of a kind garments for women. During this time, Paloma also fabricated on projects for Tiffany & Co, Bergdorf Goodman's, Van Cleef and Arpels, Saks Fifth Ave and Barneys, along with her work showing on "Saturday Night Live", electronic billboards on Times Square, at "The Queen of the Night" and in the pages of L'Official, Photobook Magazine, JeJune and other periodicals. 

paloma soledad sunset