Noir Velvet Leone Bolero Jacket

$300.00 - $375.00

Noir Velvet (body)
Jet Stretch (edging)
Satin (lining)

Body and cuffs are lined
Seams are bound with bias
One of a kind.

Across Back- 14”
Around Chest- 32”

X Large-

Optional: Back appliqué antique quilt piece. Choice of 6.
These hand sewn “Log Cabin” quilt pieces are from 1890’s.

The designs history:

“Quilt historians found that the Log Cabin design became popular in 1863, when the Union army was raising money for the Civil War by raffling quilts. President Abraham Lincoln grew up in a log cabin. The pattern may have been a symbol of loyalty to him as head of the Union. “

“The center being the fireplace of the cabin, the light colors representing the side of the house in the sun, and the dark colors the side of the house in the shade. Another interpretation is that the light side meant happiness and the dark side was for sorrow.”

Dry clean only.
Store on hanger in garment bag.